The Medicine Woman Live Resin Cartridges

$400.00 $350.00

The Medicine Woman Live Resin Cartridges are clean and potent! Each glass pyrex tank comes with .5ml of Co2 extracted medicine and fits a 510 thread. These carts only work with a push-button pen, so make sure to try out the Medicine Woman adjustable temperature vape pen, or our Simple Mini and Pop Naturals pens.

Their cutting-edge purification methods allow for great tasting concentrates.

The following .5ml cartridges are available:

Green Crack – 92.7% THC

Super Silver Haze – 92.7% THC

Blue Dream – 92.7% THC

Birthday Cake – 89.2% THC

Northern Lights – 92.7% THC

Trainwreck – 92.7% THC

Grape Ape – 92.7% THC


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