Goldline Extractions Artisanal Rosin 10 GRAMS

$400.00 $350.00

Goldline Extractions creates a top of the line concentrates, and their latest offering, solvent-less pressed rosin, takes it to a new level. Using a low temperature press and solvent-free extraction, these concentrates are strong, very pungent, and extremely clean and pure. Good for intense pain, anxiety, and nausea.

Available by the gram:

Platinum Jack is a traditional sativa.

Cannatonic – 23.61% THC 50.23% CBD

Goddess Glue – 69.36% THC

Available by the half gram:

Goddess Glue – 69.36% THC

TK – 72.17% THC

Birthday Cake – 76.12% THC

Banana Split – 73.90% THC


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