Kandypens Gravity Vaporizer For Sale Prefilled 5 grams CBD Oil

$400.00 $350.00

Kandypens Gravity Features:
510 Threaded
Titanium Coils
Sandblasted Black Finish
Lifetime Warranty (Battery)
Glossy Mouthpiece w/ Carb
Deep Chamber (.5 gram capacity)
Quartz Rod Atomizer w/ Quartz Crystal Chamber
Elevated Air Flow System (No clogging or leaking)
Coilless Ceramic Dish Atomizer w/ Ceramic Chamber
Temperature Controlled Battery (300°, 350°, 390°, 430°)


All regarding cbd vape pens
cbd vape pens area unit a boost up on the ladder of private vaporizers as they’re slightly a lot of advanced than basic e-cigarettes however they’re less complicated than the advanced moveable vaporizers and box mods that became wide standard these days.

There area unit several reasons that you just may favor to purchase a vaporizer pen for regular vaping. Take some time and explore the large vary of choices currently on the market to you.

What is a cbd vape pen?
As you will imagine, the name “cbd vape pen” offers away one in every of the key characteristics of the devices we tend to area unit discussing. they’re tiny, pen-sized vaporizers that area unit designed to suit simply into a pocket or purse. Most of those vaping devices area unit hardly larger than the common ink pen, typically solely a bit bit longer. Some newer devices have a wider body, which definitely makes them larger than an ink pen, but they still maintain the same functions and layout as a smaller cbd vape pen.

While most e-cigarettes trust pre-filled cartridges to work, pens square measure among the essential gadgets that may allow you to refill your tank with any vape juice of your determination. furthermore, some vaporizer pens square measure intended to be utilized with elective media other than vape juice. This extra level of self-rule offers you a great deal of opportunity with flavors, alkaloid quality and elective components.

By what method will a cbd vape pen Work?

These gadgets work sort of like AN e-cigarette and a modern individual vaporizer. A nuclear number 3 molecule battery is utilized to control a loop with the press of the terminating catch. since the loop warms up, alittle wick pulls in e-fluid up to the glow and starts to vaporize the fluid. As this happens, you are taking a draw on the mouthpiece, which pulls air over the curls and grabs the vapor. The vapor is then conveyed to your mouth and lungs. At to begin with, figuring out how to facilitate your terminating catch with your draw feels somewhat odd, yet once you have the two in a state of harmony, the experience is fundamentally the same as smoking.

In the event that you are utilizing a dry herb or focus vaporizer, your gadget will utilize a marginally unique technique for warming. The greater part of these gadgets utilize a little warming chamber to discharge the vapor without the crude material coming into contact with a curl, where it could copy.

What Parts Does it Have?

It is critical that you know every one of the parts of your gadget before you start utilizing the gadget. Beginning at the base you will discover the body of your cbd vape pen. The body really holds the battery. Some vaporizer pens have removable batteries, however most are worked in so you won’t need to stress over acquiring batteries independently. The terminating catch is situated at the edge of the battery body.

Next you will discover either the tank or the warming chamber. The correct format of your gadget may fluctuate somewhat by producer. On the off chance that your gadget is intended for use with e-fluids there will more often than not be a reasonable glass tank, which enables you to perceive how much e-fluid is right now inside, or possibly a cutaway that gives you a chance to check the e-fluid level in a hurry. The tank is likewise where you will discover your air terminals, so you can change how much wind streams through your gadget, either making it simpler or harder to draw.

Contingent upon what sort of gadget you have, you will likewise have an atomizer or clearomizer in the blend. These terms allude to the warming units. Now and again the atomizers accompany curls as of now introduced and you essentially screw them on and off of your gadget. This is extraordinary for apprentices. Notwithstanding, for further developed clients, you can likewise pick rebuildable alternatives that enable you to physically change loops and wicks, giving you some additional flexibility with how you vape.

On the greater part of this sits the mouthpiece. Mouthpieces come in a wide range of sizes and materials. A few materials handle e-fluids superior to others. A few materials are inclined to emitting a taste that progressions the way your vapor tastes. You can likewise change the width of your mouthpiece and the stature to modify the warmth and wind stream.

Sorts of Vaporizer Pens

As said above, they come in numerous structures. The sort you pick will at last choose what and how you vape. The three primary writes are: e-fluid, dry herb and concentrates. Here’s a breakdown of what you can anticipate from everyone.


E-fluid pens are the most well known style being used today. Numerous individuals pick cbd vape pens of this write on the grounds that they are attempting to stop smoking however littler cig-a-like items did not give a sufficiently vigorous vapor cloud or throat hit. These gadgets have as of late extended to incorporate some propelled highlights, for example, temperature control and sub-ohm vaping, however you can likewise buy numerous cbd vape pens that are basic attachment and-play gadgets.

Dry Herb

Numerous dry herb vaporizer pens are advancing onto the market now that cannabis authorization is ending up more typical. For the individuals who utilize therapeutic pot, dry herb pens offer a simpler method to expend MMJ without smoking. This is particularly critical for those with asthma or other breathing issues in light of the fact that the vapor is less chafing to the lungs. Notwithstanding MMJ, dry herb pens can likewise be utilized with various other home grown mixes for the motivations behind fragrance based treatment.


Concentrates are items that are gotten from plants and herbs. There are various concentrates produced using maryjane and different plants. This incorporates fundamental oils. While these items are utilized for an indistinguishable reason from dry herbs, your vaporizer needs a specific chamber to utilize concentrates without making a wreck. You may locate some dry herb pens that accompany a think connection, enabling you to utilize one pen for the two capacities. In any case, forte pens that are composed exclusively for focus utilize have a tendency to be considerably more successful at vaporizing these items on account of how the warming chamber is outlined.

Their Benefits

There are numerous advantages that cbd vape pens bring to the table over conventional tobacco items and other e-cigarette gadgets. As a matter of first importance, they are more compact than huge vaporizers, however they are more intense than essential e-cigarettes.

Also, they can spare you cash over cigarettes and cig-a-like items with cartridges since you are reusing nearly the whole gadget so you just need to pay for e-fluids.

Here’s a glance at a portion of alternate advantages:

1. cbd vape pens deliver bigger vapor mists than cig-a-like items. This is on the grounds that you have more control over the power delivered, the wind current and the sort of e-fluid being utilized. Every one of these components can affect the measure of the vapor mists and regardless of whether you get a full hit each time.

2. On the off chance that you craved something was feeling the loss of the first occasion when you utilized a cig-a-like, it might have been the absence of throat hit. Customary cigarettes give a somewhat brutal throat hit as you endure each shot, yet cig-a-likes have a tendency to be light on the throat. A cbd vape pen pack gives an all the more capable throat hit so you can feel the vapor that you’re drawing and you won’t have that vacant inclination.

3. These gadgets likewise give a superior methods for conveying nicotine to the body. Numerous new vapers find that they really require e-fluids with less nicotine than they initially expected in light of the fact that the nicotine is assimilated diversely in vapor frame than it is from tobacco smoke.

Progressing from a Mini/Cig-A-Like Device to a cbd vape pen

We have ordered a few hints from the specialists about how to effectively change from a small or cig-a-like gadget to a cbd vape pen. While a large number of the capacities are the same, there are a modest bunch of things you should know before you start.

Above all else, we suggest having your neighborhood VaporFi delegate walk you through the way toward collecting your cbd vape pen pack out of the blue. They can enable you to distinguish every one of the parts and figure out how they fit together. They will likewise teach you on which parts of the cbd vape pen you will need to clean all the time. For example, clearing out your tank and mouthpiece is a need, however you ought to likewise wipe down your connectors consistently to keep away from erosion and keep up great availability.

Ensure you know how and when the time has come to swap out your atomizer or supplant your curls and wick. Releasing these things too long will abandon you with a terrible consumed taste like a cig-a-like cartridge coming up short on fluid.

Next, you will need to pick a decent tobacco enhanced e-fluid to begin with. Since you have a refillable cbd vape pen, the entire universe of fluids is available to you, however we locate that numerous individuals who bounce into a wild flavor initially are more averse to finish the change in light of the fact that the entire experience is excessively not quite the same as smoking. Rather, work with a tobacco-or menthol-enhanced vape juice that is like your cigarette profile, and afterward work out once you’re alright with your gadget.

Other than that, a large portion of the elements of your vaporizer pen are like a cig-a-like so now it is dependent upon you to alter the settings here and there until the point that you get it without flaw.


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